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As a student who is passionate about
digital technologies
and online marketing,
I am eager to challenge myself to reach new heights.

– Made completely with HTML/CSS –

Hidden special effects may be more visible on desktop

(Don’t) Contact me here:

I also did some animations that work on my raw index.html file, but they somehow aren’t displayed on this page when published.

On another note, I learned how to code this on freecodecamp, a great site you might want to check out.
One of the last lessons for the Responsive Web Design Certification is to simply create a Tribute Page that fulfill the asked conditions.
Here’s a short one I did with CodePen. I decided to go with Bruce Lee since he is awesome!

EDIT: Today on April 18, 2021 I made a new cooler website with HTML, CSS and JavaScript, it contains 4 pages. I did it for CS50. Check it out HERE!

Other languages

So after being familiar with HTML and CSS, I was ready to learn other programming languages.
However, I was not sure which one. It was quite difficult to choose as each one has its pros and cons.

I had delved a bit into Java, JavaScript and Python before. Now my two main candidates are JavaScript and Python. They are both extremely valuable.

JavaScript apparently is the most capable when wanting to create a universal mobile app with only one language for example.
I certainly would like to aim for creating various apps that turn my ideas to reality.
Netflix is one of the prime examples of JavaScript.

Python on the other hand is supposedly very powerful when it comes to Machine Learning, scienctific analysis etc.
And it just so happens that I will be studying such subjects later during my studies.
One example that was built with Python is Spotify.

What do you think?

I am not a certified expert or anything, so if you want to correct something or give me suggestions/advice, please contact me!

For now, I am learning Python online.
And because of my studies I am currently learning the statistical programming language R as well.
Still, I would love to hear your opinion on my question if you have one 🙂

Actually, now (September 2020) I am enrolling in the CS50 Course of Harvard, taught by David J. Malan, which includes Scratch, C, Python and more. It is really refreshing to see such an energetic and motivating teacher.
And soon I will have to study Java as well because of my upcoming semester at TUM,…why can’t I choose my own language? :/

Other projects

Coding is one of the skills/habits I want to build, but I have a lot more. To see them, check out my “Impossible List”.
It is a neat way to keep your goals in check and to always try to reach new heights.

Never mind the text I wrote above contemplating about languages, I’m a lot more comfortable now.

(December 2021)

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